Friday, October 22, 2010

genius for hire by derek william carney

Genius for hire.

I'm workin' the darkened basement

Crossin' your adjacent cranial wires

makin' sure you're complacent

I'm lurkin'- I'm your shadowy assailant

settin' fires of spit sprays sparkin' your amazement

A mental arsonist, I blaze your skull for days

you doubt? Go check the x-rays 'cuz the stakes just been raised

so allow me to rephrase- My forte’s to say the same thing in arrays of n to the x ways

and cause a paradigm shift in your deep beliefs and mores

without anymore delays your dreams shatter

Your crisp-to-the-core thoughts scatter

you might dub thee a hater, but hey...

at a later date I may edit the former and someday re-word the latter

someone please ask the peanut gallery to cut the chatter

the score's still square root of a negative one to null

Don’tcha know? I’m purely vaguely paradoxical

like only a mad hatter would know

how dangerous and toxic my spray is

to all them fake pimps and playas

like frog venom- I poison pen 'em

Punk em like Ashton Kutcher

or chop em like that butcher on the Brady Bunch

that I'm thinkin' was banging Alice during lunch,

It’s just a guess, just a hunch... or maybe a fallacy,

I’m drinkin’ from the chalice, see,

of knowledge passed on from wise ones without shapes

through audio pathways of vinyl, mics, and mixtapes.

Burn baby burnt bras and silly disco pyre,

bookburned like a four fifty one fire:

a future bleak, dark, broken, and dire.

May I speak out of turn, sire?

Is there anyone out there

with an original thought to share?

or oddly worse- does anyone even care?

Genius for hire.

What's this job require?

Governments hock wares to scar

they say pay to play and you'll make it far

make fake wars to scare us towards broke and bitter myspace and twitter

Current culture's a bad Three's Company joke

penned by John Ritter's babysitter

bartender, please, a Maker's and ginger...

on second thought, make it two...

"Do I think I'm beautiful?

Yeah, sure, I think pit bulls are beautiful, too."

Brad Pitt said it with charm,

thinkin' of gettin' a tatoo of my dog on my arm.

why do we etch our names into trees?

 so some future peep sees

our selfish decrees-

yo, retard- love's just a cheap greeting card

corporations got the people on their collective knees

CDs and .mp3s? Vinyl can't be found

the now is not so golden

then strung up thrown round worn out and olden

all sold outta this sound.

complacent with sickness seems an option available

chemical suit thickness power suits tailored

I prefer bell bottoms, flowers and a gun that shoots glitter,

big happy ice cream topped with a tiny atom splitter,

if you gotta get to the root of the matter

look closely- disregard the quantum chitter chatter,

carelessly curse it all and you lose-

carefully think about the irreversible words you choose

Always pay your dues-

look up an check the highwires for shoes...

might need to grab a ladder,

although in the end it doesn't matter,

difficult untruth sightin'

I'm through with might makin' right- it's sick,

so many blind minds jus'

fake the wait through tocks and ticks,

until the kind shit kicks- realize it binds us,

until the Devil finds us an' tries to sever

make sure you wrap up in four-leaf clever

while Chanel-poisoned Gaia sleeps

love keeps on happenin' battlin' creeps

cultural phenomenon zombie-bombin' on and on

drone drama-mad eyes alert to advert:

buy this phone in the coupon zone zone

zone out to the dolla ninty nine for a limited time bling tone

that you all alone can own...

words heard of sheep asleep for slaughterin'

diaspora creators deep in the tropics...

got more metaphors for debaters of gory topics

like who da guessed Vader's story'd end up so messed up?

scores of hater-consciousness rarely second guessed

honest mess all over existence- never forget you're blessed,

escape into the distance

is limited

businessmen are primitives with gold-covered staffs

the future is unstoppable riff raff

return to Eden is possible if enough people think past money stuff

oh, how it weighs heavy

activates microchips in our skin glowing-

wears me so thin- its showing-

broken thoughts like a levy

city slips sunken- drunken activists take up a

'cause I never knew until now that ya can't take it with you without you as this moment ages

and my anger rages

sticks out like two sore thumbed pages.

Grab hold of the NOW, make it greater than great,

Paint the Golden Gate pink,

and marker up the Empire State!

Genius for hire.

I'm simply here to inspire.

don't let hybernatin' creep in.

wait... deep in-side you, invisible- a sliver of creativity-

visual audible elemental indivisible like a pagan nativity

residual toothache dental in the mouth of Siddhartha's river...

it takes me drank a mental spitfull and makes me- shiver

me embers fire singe sings

go off on a truth binge- often wish I had wings

get high to pacify time right by

rhyme on a dime cuz rhythm is what math inherently brings

I bore me, sorely, surely mixed up "-isms" and metaphors

methinks too many teachers just low paid whores at their core

core cirriculum: the city is your textbook

think for yourself next look

all ways before you cross paths with destiny

the rest is just a keystroke to tap

to solve riddles of stay happy.

how labyrinths inside the mind slap

like a kickdrum and a clap

time slips right by me without a map.

Sooner or later everyone loses

can't wait for entropy then we'll see Federal Reserve men in nooses,

mop the mess with their cadavers which have very few uses,

and their logic's as logical as in Dr. Suess' cabooses,

in sign linguistics one never can say “f” equals “nine”

but to me that's “okay.”

Not math twisted dyslexic lexicon ripped from textbooks put away

slapped it on- cough cough

in repetitions on and off,

superstitions end draws nearer:

archaic lies stuck needles in eyes

lucky rabbit foot, broken mirror,

black cat lingers

under a ladder,

cross your fingers,

but to see, not your eyes,

it really doesn't matter to me what size:

Evil lives in lies.

The hare is surely quick,

this should come as no surprise, 

but let this turth stick-

at least the tortoise tries.

And if you're stumbling or fall

while walking life's path crumbling

dom't hesistate, don't stall-


onto tangents... indirection is relative,

Calculus is the universe's narrative,

remember this (it's imperative):

Mutation makes sure fascism fails


Diversity diversely works over-time scales


So don't forget to fax this-

don't forget to send this-

to everyone you know on the x, y, and z axis,

'cuz this is how I end this:

You may think you got me- WRONG!

You may think you fired me,

But I certainly spit this to let you know-

I quit looooooong before you hired me.

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  1. I found you from Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!