Friday, October 22, 2010

assistance, please by paul stuart

Assistance, please (as of 10-22-10) by Paul Stuart

What is time taken,
if not to arise or awaken?
What happens next?

What is a righteous dare
or a noble hex?
A burden to bear?

Will you chase what you want?

What is happiness
except a still life?
A man alone,
on a mountaintop high
a calm puddle
an exceptional riddle
warmth like a womb
absence of excess?
Or abundance of substance to consume

What is love
but a tragic gift-
a great weight
or a surging uplift:
the best of all blessings
often found the hardest lesson
to learn...

And what of passion?
Soul energy exerted exterior
is lust insatiable-
a thirst quench incapable
power put forth
to do or destroy.

Hope can be a heavy rain
or flowers blooming
in the face of the Sun.

Flaws are real in this world
revealing loss-
simple dignities deferred.
We wear them like scars
on the faces of old dying lepers
falling apart proudly
in the knowledge of our hurt.

Perfection may be found
inside of this.
That is-
a square within can be round-
a circle three sixty
and angle so right.

Shape and structure
become judgment and order-
just chaos with borders.
The word infinity has an age.

Define “timeless.”
Be specific.

Never shall we know
what it is.

Real beauty
could simply be
a warm gentle breeze
blowing back
from below
the wings of an angel.

Courage is but faith finally found-
a call heeded.
A sound should be as sweet
as this
that resounds freedom's ring.

An ego driven mad,
compelled to manipulate,
to mutilate
a natural state;
a war waged
between a man
and his own hands-
wherever they may lay
be forever changed.

Cause is effect
is cause again.

Almost as if
the real bottom of it all
was our downfall.
Upside down.
Is direction?
Could it really be?

What is life
is light and dark
must exist within each other.
Ever present symbiosis.
Opposites caught
in their persistence.

Your assistance, please... ?

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