Saturday, April 04, 2009

twitter and haikus

So I obviously joined the Twitter after reading a Rolling Stone article about some famous musicians who Twitter, and specifically found Yoko Ono's tweet inspiring:

“Every single person is incredible. Like an oasis. You can either irrigate the oasis or get very bad water, it’s just up to you.”


“I think it's better to dance than to march through life.”

Vinnie G.'s twitters were the first friend tweets that I read and they were in haiku form. Add to that the fact that Dionne has been writing haiku movie reviews on her blog... so being not-so-original, I decided to try my hand at the haiku form and thus I have found a channel for these through my Twitter account. Enjoy.

Now I am connecting with haiku afficianados and writers on Twitter. Found this one tonight and it is amazing:

A giant firefly:
that way, this way, that way, this
and it passes by.

- Kobayashi Issa

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