Monday, December 22, 2008

rick wilhite - live in miami

Rick Wilhite - Live @ Affiliated Vibes | The Office, Miami | March 29, 2008

This mixed set by one of Detroit's oldschool masters, Rick "The Godson" Wilhite, has been my unofficial soundtrack to 2008. It's still my current heavy-rotation "around the house" chillin' and relaxin' background music to my life in its current incarnation. The realness drops in around the eleven minute mark and it just keeps getting deeper and more incredibly, housily vomitous thereafter. Warning: this is authentic Detroit-flavored house music, so please make sure you are mentally, spiritually, and psychologically prepared to handle these subterranean grooves. This will move your feet and/or your soul.

Rick Wilhite on myspace

*live mix file stream is hosted by PlayFM

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