Monday, March 10, 2008

a message from soneboy

"my name is soneboy (pronounced: sunny boy) and I'm a recording artist born & raised here in Cleveland. I currently have a music video that just made the top 10 on Hundreds of videos were submitted and fanatics vote daily for their top artist. I was currently ranked #3 when they announced the top 10 last Tuesday. On March 11th (this Tuesday) I will be submitting a new music video & voting will begin for the top 5. The artist with the most votes wins 10 grand but more importantly, the critics choice wins award (so there can actually be 2 winners) recieves a meeting with a major record label etc. Check it out. I'm in the POP category & I'm the only one from Cleveland who's made it thus far. Visit me at & Thanx!! Thank you for your time 0:) peace & love, soneboy"

Brian aka Soneboy performs with SAFMOD performance ensemble.

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