Monday, February 04, 2008

dancing in the ether

My heart and condolences go out to SAFMOD and the friends and family of Zoe Schultz, executive director, choreographer, dancer, and simply an amazing person who will be sorely missed. I met Zoe through photographer Heather Posten a few years ago when Heather asked me to work on a 16mm black and white film project for one of our film classes at Cleveland State. The film entitled "Sisters" is about four minutes of Zoe and her sister Hope dancing in the SAFMOD studio at the Hodge School on Cleveland's East Side to "Emojoe" an instrumental tune by an amazing multimedia local group Infinite Number of Sounds. Since that project I've had the pleasure of working with Zoe and the rest of SAFMOD on a number of projects as videographer for their performances at MOCA and Cleveland Public Theater. Zoe was one of the most loving, sensitive, and creative people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She radiated wisdom and was always down to Earth. Her passing this past Saturday is truly a tragedy, and it's hard for me to even try to put into words what the world has just lost. There really just aren't words. Words aren't good enough. Zoe, I love you and will miss you.

Ajenda on Zoe
bio on Morrison Dance
dancing in Soneboy's Dynamite video
All Go Signs group performance 8-18-07
All Go Signs (Hope & Zoe) 8-18-07
video from Ingenuity '05

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