Thursday, January 24, 2008

what's that song?

Can't figure out the track ID to a certain song that's been stuck in your head or on your favorite mix tape? Help is on the way. Look no further than watzatsong. You can register for free and then upload a short clip of the song in question and then other members will inform you as to what your mystery song is. This is great, but it is highly member-dependent, which has been a problem I've noticed on message boards- most people don't really take the time to actually listen to your mystery songs and help you out. I haven't tried watzatsong yet, but I have a few tracks in mind that I've been wondering for years if anyone will know what they are, although they are probably obscure since they are on Chicago house DJ mixed cassettes from the early 90's. I'll let you know how the response goes on watzatsong, but I'm hopeful since they actually post a counter on how long it took for someone to respond to track ID requests. This is very cool, but again, it depends on us all to join and actually listen to songs and help each other out.

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