Tuesday, January 22, 2008

stone roses - i am the resurrection (remix)

This is dedicated to Dionne, since she shares my love of The Stone Roses' eponymous first album (but I think she agrees with me that their second album bit the big one). This isn't the best remix, but I found it on a music blog today and thought it was worth posting as a shout out to D, since she's experiencing all that "cold" weather out in Los Angeles (insert rolling eyes here). D, the wind chill was well below zero in these parts this weekend, so you'll get no sympathy from your friends and family in the Midwest. Hopefully this re-edit of the Stone Roses' "I Am The Resurrection" will warm you up, though.

1 comment:

  1. Eye rolling duly noted. But it is cold here! And rainy! We had to go to Amoeba in the rain!

    You are correct - this is the best Stone Roses album. Their other stuff? Lame. But this album makes my list of best albums ever. I may have to post a track as well.

    Thanks, D.!