Saturday, December 15, 2007

tek release 0002 | touch | sat 12.15.07

Well, final exams are over finally, and so I just wanted to invite everyone and remind everyone that I'm playing at this event tonight (Saturday) at Touch. Please come and support the Tek-know? crew. They have a lot of great stuff planned for the coming year, so why not attend this to get a taste of what's to come?

Lee Curtiss at Touch

We will be celebrating the second net release to come from the Tek-Know studio and we got someone special to help us do it.

Lee Curtiss [Wolf + Lamb | Dumb Unit | Mothership | Kalamari | Esperanza : Berlin/Detroit]

A Western Michigan native and long-time Detroit resident, Lee Curtiss has been forging his uniquely backwoods, yet avant-garde and primal brand of deep and twisted dance music since the late 1990’s. A constantly changing and ever-eager student to his craft, Lee’s finger has been pressed upon, if not thrust into, the throbbing aorta of underground dance music for quite some time – even if his production skills and brain-demolishing live PA have only recently begun to garner the attention of techno and house music’s elite. Growing up between the two poles of Chicago and Detroit organized Lee’s approach to production.

Tek0002 release form Chad Dolis [Tek-Know : Akron]
Chad been among us from the beginning with his amazing DJ skills and wonderful ear. After diving into the studio for over a year now Chad has been grinding away at the DAW developing his own voice and he's decided it's time to speak. Come hear him show you how he did it with his first live performance to date.

Also performing:
Truck Stop Tourist (Live) [Tek-Know : Akron]
Pi(iT) [Apple Store Akron]
Dwreck [Tek-Know : Wallpaper Cleveland]
Stone & Leone [Deepinit : Tek-Know Cleveland]
Funk Detective [Tek-Know : Touch Cleveland]

Touch Supper Club
2710 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, Oh

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