Monday, October 29, 2007

truck stop tourist - promo mix

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Truck Stop Tourist - Live @ Re(Vision)
[160kbs | 1hr 52min | 128mb | 10-24-07]

After dj'ing for many years, NE Ohio producers Andy James and 1 Auxy formed what is now the Truck Stop Tourist project. Born out of a mutual love of all things techno, the two dj/producers took what they were doing in their dj sets one step further. Combining raw live digital elements with the sonic depth of vinyl records, Truck Stop Tourist craft live sets that seem to continuously build and morph live production and deejaying into sounds that ebb and flow from the speakers creating atmoshere, moodiness, and controlled chaos on the dance floor. Listening to a TST set you will hear the newest music from producers across the globe twisted inside out, combined with classic tracks that seem to play hide and seek between the drum machines, synths, samples, loops, filters, and effects within Ableton Live 6 and the mixing skills of Andy James and 1 Auxy. Pay close attention because what is now in the present becomes the past in a whirlwind of sounds that not only grabs your attention but holds it as the set develops, making your feet move and heads spin.

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