Friday, October 12, 2007

film recommendations

So, being a film student, I have to watch a lot of films to analyze them, and this past week I have been catching up on watching films that others have recommended to me. I used to get stacks at the library a few times a week, but then I misplaced one, and so I had to wait until I paid the fine. I got that all cleared up, so now I'm back in the habit of watching DVDs again. This past week, though, I wanted to check out some newer releases as well, so I went to Blockbuster and grabbed a bunch. Here's what I got that you should check out:

This is an amazingly dark thriller about a guy who gets imprisoned for 15 years and then released and has 5 days to find out who captured and tortured him and why. One of the most intense films I've ever seen. It's disturbing, but slams into you like a freight train. The psychologically sickest revenge film ever made. It's from South Korea, 2003. Don't read any more about this so the twisty plot doesn't get spoiled. You'll thank me later.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
A beautiful, dark, poetic film. Dustin Hoffman and the lead actor are both fantastic in this. It's a little weird, but compelling, and it is gorgeously shot. This is another top-notch film by Tom Twyker who also directed Run, Lola, Run.

The Science of Sleep
Whimsical in a Spike Jonze slash Wes Anderson sort of way, I watched this last night and fell in love with it. It's about a Mexican guy (Gael Garcia Bernal) who confuses his waking life with his dreaming life while he's visiting his mother in France.

I thought this was going to be a gross-out killer insect movie, but was surprised to find it a gripping psychological thriller. It's based off a play, so most of the story happens in one room, but it's definitely an enjoyable head-trip. Ashley Judd and Harry Connick, Jr. are surprisingly good actors, and you can't go wrong with the director of The Exorcist behind the camera.

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  1. I will add that "Perfume..." the book was also really good. Gets a little mystical in places, but overall, a compelling story. I'm waiting for the movie to pop up in my Netflix queue, so I've not seen it yet.