Friday, August 03, 2007

ten things you probably don't know about me

Meme premise: I am to list ten (somewhat) interesting and (relatively) unknown facts about me/opinions of mine/habits/etc. Tagged by Jim 'Vitruvius' Eastman.

1. I've had more jobs than anyone I know. I have a short attention span for jobs. I've worked at McDonald's, Kay Bee Toy & Hobby, Banana Republic, The Disney Store, J. Crew, The Gap Outlet, Eagle Landscaping, Biolawn & Landscaping, Beechmont Country Club, a Tupperware Factory, That Place on Bellflower, Club Isabella's, Denny's, as the night auditor for Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, as a Parking Solutions valet company manager, manager of General Nutrition Centers, construction and maintenance helper, manager of Brudno Art Supply, warehouse worker for Lighthouse Pools, video editor, nightclub Disc Jockey and event promoter, marketing co-ordinator for Trent Graphics, emergency medical courier for Premiere Courier, freelance graphic designer, video mixer, I volunteered at the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland, usher at Hilarities Comedy Club when they were on W. 6th street, Top Dawg Delivery driver, as an electrician's assistant, as an assistant to a commercial food photographer, as a teaching assistant and research assistant at Cleveland State University, as a production assistant for a television episode of Unsung Stories for Country Music Television, as a camera operator for RISP.TV (an internet pay per view sports network covering Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Boxing), as a production assistant for a few different documentary films, a production assistant for CBS News, and currently I'm an usher/security for various events and concerts. I think there's a bunch I forgot as well.

2. I regularly wet my bed until I was 12. I occasionally used to sleep walk. Sometimes I did a combination of both: I'd sleepwalk to the bathroom, dream that I was peeing in the toilet, but
actually I was standing in front of the toilet wetting my pajama pants. Other times, I'd sleepwalk to the back door and just stand there, and then when my dad would get home, he'd open the door and not expect me to be standing there, and he'd get startled.

3. I do all kinds of art. I've printed my own color and black and white photography, done digital photography, printmaking, silk screening, published poetry, calligraphy, drawing, painting, sculpture, sewing, graffiti, music, and film and video. I even made a pair of 12" wooden platform musical shoes.

4. I can roll my tongue both ways... sideways and longways.

5. I went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama for a week in 7th grade.

6. I played thumb war with Frankie Bones at a party in Long Island in 1994.

7. I've gone to the movies with drum and bass DJ Dieselboy, and also professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen.

8. I can say the A, B, C's backwards very rapidly.

9. I went on a date with one of the dancers from Riverdance when they were performing in Chicago.

10. I like jelly on my scrambled eggs and I hate orange juice pulp, but it doesn't bother me to drink orange juice right before or after I brush my teeth.


  1. You are a very interesting person... seriously. Especially the sleepwalking thing.