Wednesday, August 01, 2007

brushes with greatness: cheryl crow

Two rock n roll divas in one week. I'm not worthy! So, today Stout and I started our new part-time jobs as ushers/security for various events and concerts, and tonight's was the Cheryl Crow concert at the Plain Dealer Pavilion down in the Flats. So we walk around to the back entrance to find out what we're to do in our new position, and as we're walking by the tour buses, we notice these two cute puppies, and so I go over and talk doggy talk to them and pet them and then I look up and notice Cheryl Crow with her entourage approaching. She's a lot shorter than I had previously thought from seeing her on TV. For some reason I thought she was a tall gal, but nope... she's like Prince short. So, yeah... I got to pet Cheryl Crow's puppies. She didn't say anything to us, she just kind of looked over and smiled, but I had to share that. She's got a great singing voice live... as many of today's performers are so modified by special effects that it often doesn't even take any actual talent anymore to be a superstar... but, refreshingly, Cheryl has some pipes. She even rocked out with a Led Zeppelin cover for an encore, and she did it justice. I also never realized that she has such a huge lesbian following. She's quite popular with the lesbians.

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