Sunday, July 15, 2007

photos from doubting thomas and asterisk

Part of the monthly Tremont Art Walk, Doubting Thomas' opening this past Friday included a video/sculpture piece entitled "Modern Urban Totemic Animism," a collaboration between Mandy (pictured), composer Craig Bourne (pictured), videographer Eric Wahl, and myself. We made a TV totem pole, showing different video pieces we made in each of the five televisions. Mandy also included some jewelry with found objects, some paintings on a mirror, a furbee wearing an amulet of the urbilataria, or the common ancestor, also known as an ancient worm. The whole piece was surrounded by a big pile of feathers scattered all around. The entire show at the gallery is "Animals." It will be showing for the next few weeks, so please try and stop down to Doubting Thomas.

view the complete photo album here:


There's two reviews about the show in this week's issue of Scene Magazine and online that mention Mandy and the TV totem pole.

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