Wednesday, June 06, 2007

an open letter to the crabby old guy at the clark station

Dear Crabby Old Guy at the Clark Gas Station,

What the hell is your problem, you angry and miserable old man? Why don't you do the world a favor and commit suicide already instead of spreading your hatred? Do you really have to take your problems out on the Clark gas station attendant and myself after I called you out on your insane rant to previously mentioned Clark gas station attendant? So, the station changed it's policy about paying and now you have to prepay for your gas before you pump it... is that REALLY that big of a deal? Why does that even matter, as it seems to be the policy of most gas stations nowadays? Why did you have to swear and scream and yell and complain to the nice Indian man behind the thick glass? Hey, be mad at the world today that created the situation that caused our local gas station to change their policy, but don't take it out on the nice Indian man behind the counter. Maybe if more people were honest and didn't steal gas by filling up and then taking off without paying then they wouldn't have changed their policy, but don't take it out on the guy working behind the counter. What the hell is wrong with you, you crabby old man? And what gives you the right to call me names and tell me I should wash my mouth out with soap after I ask you to spread love around instead of spreading hate to those around you during your day to day activities in this world full of strangers? Are you really justified in calling me, "a little smart-aleck who should have his mouth washed out with soap?" I beg to differ. Really.

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