Friday, April 27, 2007

twin peaks season 2, finally on dvd

Finally! Twin Peaks (Season 2) is available on DVD. I had bought the first season DVD set a few years ago, but sold it after finding out that the second season would never be available. My sources were wrong, obviously, because season two is now available. In my opinion, the second season is much better, and much weirder. I'll be sure to have a Twin Peaks viewing party weekend soon, in case you missed this groundbreaking series, or in case you forgot just how wonderful it is.

Update: So, I bought season two and the transfer to DVD is gorgeous. It looks better than it did on TV and way better than the reruns I caught on some cable channel a few years after it was off the air. Only problem is that although I had bought season one when it was released a few years ago, I had sold it back since I heard that season two was never going to be made available. Ugh! Now it is out of print and I haven't been able to find the pilot episode or the first season at any area stores. FYE says that it's not available for order. Double ugh! Why, oh why did I get rid of it when I had it?! I guess I'll check online at Amazon or whatever for used copies. The pilot and first season are kind of vital before I hold a Twin Peaks viewing marathon.

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