Friday, March 30, 2007

rock, paper, scissors, gun: musical straightjacket

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun: Musical Straightjacket

I'll tag myself for this MEME, since Dionne didn't want to tag anyone. Seven songs/CDs on heavy rotation in my immediate world... and I'm on a major oldschool hip hop, downtempo, and soul kick right now, so be warned.

1) Slick Rick - Sittin' in my Car

Almost meloncholy, and dare I say pretty, uplifting, and happy-sounding until you listen to some of the lyrics. Even if you don't like rap, I bet you'll like the music in the background.

2) Shina Rae aka Fresh as I'm Is - Disposable

She's may not be a huge star (yet) but this cool cat from Houston has been featured on some of Jake Childs' recent jackin' funky house releases on uni.form and she also performs with Alexander East of Planet East Music (check my permalinks, he's got an amazing voice). I found this gem on her myspace page and I begged her to make it downloadable (which she courteously agreed to in a timely manner.) I love the bassline and the dubbed out vocals "everything's made to be thrown away..."

3) DJ Gunshot - Wheel n Deal

This early drum and bass record still gives me the chills. The vocals are sampled from either Chaka Khan's "Sweet Thing" (which I just found a small 45 vinyl record of in my collection! It came from the jukebox at the bar my father owned when I was a kid.) or the remake by Mary J. Blige. It's a gorgeous song that's full of energy.

4) De La Soul - Say No Go

Delicious sampling by the mind-expanding trio of word and beat masters. They sample Hall and Oates "I Can't Go For That" so cleverly. Almost too clever for their own good.

5) George McCrae - I Get Lifted

I came across this gem in a backwards manner. I have a very rare copy of Paul Johnson's "Welcome to the Warehouse/I Get Lifted" that I've seen on going for up to $350. I used to own three copies, but gave two to good friends who DJ. Anyhow, I always wondered where Paul Johnson sampled the vocal for "I Get Lifted" and my friend Stout told me to check out George McCrae. Paul pitched up the vocal and sped it up so I thought it was a woman singing, but the original is actually a man. Who knew? The original rocks just as much as Paul's version. Classic soul that turned into a dreamy, funky deep house jam.

6) Otis Redding - You're Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

This classic is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

7) The Beatles/Cirque du Soleil - Love CD/DVD

My mom went to Vegas recently and brought me back this CD which is a somewhat continuous mix of many Beatles songs. I love it, although A Day in the Life almost always makes my eyes get all watery, and when Paul starts singing in the middle section... "Woke up, fell outta bed, dragged a comb across my head..." well, that's just my favorite part of any song ever made.
This CD also reminded me how amazing "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" and "Within You Without You" really are. I'm usually a vinyl purist when it comes to sound quality, but I will admit loudly that this CD sounds amazing. The sound engineering is top knotch, as is to be expected in the hands of George Martin and his son Nigel.

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  1. Send me a copy of the Beatles CD, would you? I've been reading about it, but I'm something of a Beatles snob, so I haven't gone out and bought it. But if you send it to me, I'd be rude to not listen to it, right?!