Wednesday, March 28, 2007

resize photos easily

for Windows click here then:
  1. Go to the directory contianing your photos.
  2. Right click on the photo you wish to rezise and select 'Resize Pictures'. Select the new image size and click 'OK'.
for Mac users click here then:
  1. Run the 'Picture Resizer' application
  2. Choose the files or folder that contains your images
  3. Choose the destination folder for the resized images
  4. Choose a size for your resized images (or simply use the default 1600)
People often call or email me asking how to resize photos. I've been wanting to upload some photos to my blog but wanted to add them in some kind of album-type layout, so I found this site called Bubbleshare that seems to be pretty easy to work with, as long as your photos are resized. The free webtools in the links above are from that site, too. Oh, and if you use these tools to resize sparkling glitter .gifs I will hate you a lot.

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