Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i hate glittery gifs is your one stop myspace resource
Gifs that sparkle and are all glittery are one of the more annoying bi-products of teh interwebz.
They're like an updated version of those paper-framed mirrors with a Lamborghini, Twisted Sister, or Rose and Skull combo on a fake marbled background that you'd win at one of those you-know-they're rigged-but-you-just-can't-figure-out-how carnival games like "land the beanbag on the milkjug lip" or "pop the balloons with a dart" or "pick up the plastic floating duck with the blue paint splotch on the bottom." They make me want to vomit. Contrary to what most myspace comment noobs may believe, they're not eye-catching. They belong in the 70's with Pet Rocks, feathered roach clips, Fantasy Island, Charles Nelson Riley, and the hand-drawn pictures of unicorns and the members of Journey that my sister used to draw while our babysitter listened to Cheap Trick LPs on our record player.

Glittery gifs are so freaking annoying

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