Sunday, February 18, 2007

what's that bootylicious sound?

Although upon some research, it's been around for years, I've just discovered a sub-sub-genre of dance music dubbed "B-more Club" as in: Baltimore Club Music, or Bmore Gutter Music. It's a reworking or mesh of oldschool breakbeat staples with ghetto and booty house and sometimes 80's Miami/freestyle-era style vocals on top. Some of the vocals are even sped up/ pitched up as were many of the vocals in oldschool UK hardcore breakbeat of the the early 90's (think Acen, Njoi, Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era, and everything else on Suburban Base records). It almost sounds like slowed down UK Hardcore breakbeat with a more minimal attitude toward the synth lines, with everything stripped down to the bare essence of the dance track. Repetition is the key and there are fewer sound effects used as well. You can click the post title for a link to a page with an embedded music player that will autostart playing a B-more Club continuous mix, OR go to their homepage and you can choose to listen to the standalone player on either Winamp, Realplayer, or Windows Media Player while you surf the net. One track you should definitely check out is Rod Lee's "Dance My Pain Away." The hotness for sure. Also check out the work of Hollertronix and Diplo.

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    DJ Phinesse