Friday, February 02, 2007

even more heroes

If you have a high speed connection, you can catch up on all the episodes of Heroes that you may have missed at It's a show like Twin Peaks where you can always catch a little more with each viewing, unlike most TV shows... and, sadly, the same can be said for many movies as well. One of my favorite scenes is where Peter Patrelli is being questioned by the detective who can read minds. Peter also has a gift, in that he shares other Heroes' talents while in close proxemity to them, therefore, when he is in the same room as the detective, they both can read each other's minds. But, Heroes takes this concept one step further and they actually create a feedback loop from the infinity loop created. Upon another viewing (or ten, actually) I noticed that in the interrogation room there are two mirrors behind them on the wall. There are doors and mirrors in the reflections, creating a perceived infinite tunnel (like when you face two mirrors towards each other.) This literally is a physical symbol of the bizarre mental paradox that had happened between the two characters. Yeah, so if you're not convinced that this show is amazing... maybe you should just click that link and start watching them from the beginning!

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