Sunday, February 18, 2007

ego trip's the (white) rapper show

I've been getting rather picky with my TV habits of late. I've narrowed down my Tivo schedule as well. But there's one new show that has me religiously tuning in each week, other than Heroes and 30 Rock... and it's even newer: Ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show on VH1. Finally, a reality/game show that doesn't take itself too seriously, courtesy of the host MC Serch from the now defunct white rap group 3rd Bass. The show is entertaining, funny, clever, silly, and at time's touches upon real issues of racism, diversity, gender, class, and identity issues. It also is educating the audience as well as the contestants about oldschool rap and hip hop artists and elements of the history and culture that they may not be familiar with. There's also some new catch phrases that are sure to be infiltrating the (even more) mainstream media soon... such as "hallelujah holla back." And the oldschool command "step off!" is sure to make a comeback, as well.

I'm hoping that someone will upload the a capella raps from the end of each show so that people will start to mix these into bootleg tracks and onto mixes. And why aren't these white rappers putting their stuff on the file sharing sites? Now would be the perfect time to blow up with newer material... since these shows are taped months in advance.

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