Tuesday, January 16, 2007

about that beatmatrix

I've nominated and awarded myself the "Duh!" award for today, regarding my Beat Matrix set. I had the pitch lock ('Reset' button) on one of the tables set to "on" for the entire set. I was wondering what was going on with every other mix.

So, yeah... duh.

Anyhow, here's the tracklisting. In case you missed it, the streaming replay should be online within the next few days on beatmatrix.net:

Single Cell Orchestra - Silo Master Control [Reflective]
PSB vs. KLF - It Must Be Obvious (UFO mix) [Parlaphone]
Precession - Sandcastle (Mike Huckaby rmx) [Ferox]
Cabanne - Double Lardon [Minibar]
DJ Rasoul - Get Nasty [Uncut]
Roland King - Flashbacks from the M1 [M3]
Content - No Refunds (beats) [Junior Boys Own]
Herve - See Me [Dubsided]
Kidz of Tomorrow - Gwiz Theory [Blackwiz]
Avondale Music Society - Adaptor [Loveslap!]
I:Cube - Mingus in my Pocket [Versatile]
Soul Tek - Groove Control [Antenna]
Inland Knights - None of These [Drop]
Jeff Samuel - Drap [Logistic]
Gaiser - Scatter [M_nus]
Demarkus Lewis - Track and Field [Lowdown]
Cpen - Lover's Lounge (JT Donaldson rmx) [Seasons]
20:20 Soundsystem - Can't Stop (Jesse Rose rmx) [20:20 Vision]
PSB vs. KLF - It Must Be Obvious (UFO mix) [Parlaphone]
Frankie Bones - The Gas Called N2O [Nu Groove]
Greater Than One - Dubkiller [Wax Trax!]
King Kooba - Koobaesque [Om Records]

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