Saturday, December 02, 2006

an open letter to Ted Turner or whoever is in charge of the Charmed schedule on TNT

Dear Ted Turner or whoever is in charge of the Charmed schedule on TNT,

Why do you continue to air the episodes all out of order? I was just about finished with and comprehending the first and second seasons and then you flash forward for a few episodes from the last and second last seasons, then you show the second last episode but not the very last episode. Then you go back and forth showing two episodes from season three and then two from season five, etc. etc. and so on.

TNT, I hate you. Show the stupid things in order, please. It's bad enough that I'm addicted to Charmed, but the least you can do is show the episodes in order.


I may just simply be a bit cranky since I haven't had a single cigarette since Monday. Two more days nicotine free and it'll be a week.

Oh, and while you're at it please do the same with the X-Files reruns you're showing as well.


  1. derek- while robert and i were getting ready to go to dinner one night in paris, charmed was on, dubbed in french.

  2. That's awesome, Matt. Did the French voices fit them or was it weird. You know how Iron Chef sometimes dubs these voices that are just so wrong for the person they're dubbing? I dunno, I find that funny sometimes. Maybe it's just me?