Wednesday, December 20, 2006

inverse and bento gogo

I'm djing at Touch tonight at 10pm. Followed by Nox, Stout, and Vitruvius tagging, and then GqEq and someone else tagging as well.

No cover. Try the delicious food as well.

Stout and I will be playing Bento GoGo in Columbus on Tuesday January 2nd, also!


  1. derek, send me some cds, I'll send you...something? What can we trade?

  2. Sure thing. I believe I still owe you for a million different things... The Pixies CD you loaned me that got smashed or stepped on on accident... etc. etc. So, pahleeeeeeze! No need to trade me anything. Email me your current contact info as I'm a space cadet sometimes.

    ; ]