Saturday, October 14, 2006


Today's site of the day is wikiHow. According to the site: wikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual. With your contributions, we can create a free resource that helps people by offering clear, concise solutions to the problems of everyday life.
Although, I am sad to report there are not "how to" guides for "masturbate," "commit suicide," or "be in two places at once" available (I better get busy writing).
I did, however, find a specific article relating to my current two-week topic, "public restroom graffiti," that is required reading for all who ever have or are ever considering bringing a Sharpie or paintmarker into a public restroom (or anywhere, rather, to attempt to add to the artform known as graffiti). The article is How to Graffiti. To whomever wrote the "warnings" section, I just want to say, "Thanks, Captain Obvious."

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