Friday, October 13, 2006

public restroom graffiti: wruw

Today's bathroom graffiti is found in the men's room at the studios of WRUW 91.1 FM, the radio station for the Case Western Reserve University campus. One thing that I found in this restroom that made it unique is a set of fortune cookie fortunes that have been taped in a line. Unfortunately the photos I took all came out blurry. In the second photo below, the sticker says, "Royal Flush" and this has been positioned just above the toilet in one of the two stalls. Whoever you are that put this up, you are effin' brilliant, my friend! Then again, this is supposedly the most smartypants school in all of Ohio... well, at least in the Cleveland area. No apologies to students or graduates of Hiram or Oberlin, because you're far too granola to count.

And this last one is my favorite. The writing in marker says, "Camera in ceiling," and also, "Why, thank you! No! Thank you."

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