Sunday, October 08, 2006

public restroom graffiti: touch

This is possibly some kind of political statement found in the basement men's room at Touch Supper Club, or maybe it's just the ugly scribblings of drunken taggers:

We're obviously looking at the work of three separate individuals: 1) The etching at the top of the framed poster, 2) The pink paint marker, and 3) The black Sharpie piece at bottom. I prefer the pink paint marker. I like the contrast of the pink paint marker to the blue walls of the men's room. Is this a statement on sexuality, or was the pink marker simply the easiest to shoplift from the art supply and craft store? I also like the drips which make your tag that much more authentic. Although, you lose points for placement of the tag. It would have been that much more interesting if you would have confined your tag to either cover the word UNITED or the word STAND, so that your tag becomes aware of it's surroundings and becomes incorporated into the poster behind it. The new poster then becomes "(Your tag) We Stand" or "United We (your tag)." Sadly, you missed the mark. The etching is somewhat interesting in that it evokes the tradition of printmaking and sculpture, and is also reminiscent of ancient low-relief carvings of the Assyrian and Egyptian cultures. The black Sharpie tag seems to be the work of the same artist as our next public restroom graffiti find. Read on.

And this is found in one of the unisex bathrooms upstairs at Touch:

Attempting to decifer it, I think it may say "WEG" or "WEEG." Advice to tagger: someone needs to practice their tag on paper before they exhibit it semi-publicly, preferably many, many times on paper. From a design perspective, the almost angular penmarks are in sharp contrast to the organic curves found in most of the design. Upon closer inspection, it appears you have a thing for zig zag lightning bolt outlines. Shazam!? This is highly unpleasant to the eye. Keep trying, as I'm sure one day you'll get the hang of it. Maybe try Googling "tagging," or "graffiti" before your next attempt at public art, okay? And please do us all a favor and get some art supplies including a nice thick pad of paper or sketchbook and practice, practice, practice. I think I speak for the public at large that if we have to look at your tag, you might consider perfecting it at home on paper or even in Photoshop and then utilize common graffiti techniques like stenciling or have stickers printed out. Kinko's and sticker paper are your friend, novice tagger. You can get free sticker paper at the Post Office (see my fi5e ni9e post).Why are you making our urination time so unenjoyable?

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