Tuesday, October 10, 2006

public restroom graffiti: mercury

Today's example of public restroom graffiti is found in the men's room of Mercury Lounge on W. 6th street in the Warehouse District of downtown Cleveland. As seen in the image above, there are some tags upon tags paint-markered and Sharpied onto the plastic toilet paper dispenser. It looks as if originally someone tagged their graffiti moniker in white paint marker. This person's alias ends with an "N." Then it would appear that "PK/X" or "PK" tagged with a green paint marker. Someone who didn't see the artistic merit in the white paint markered tag slapped a sticker over top of the original tag. Mercury staff probably peeled off the sticker, and then "Riftr" utilized the sticker residue as a canvas. Clever use of space on the part of Riftr, who has a pretty simplistic tag. Unlike most graffiti tags, the letters that comprise Riftr's tag do not connect at any place. I think this breaks an understood rule of graffiti. Your letters are supposed to become one graphic unit, and here's where Riftr fails at his weak attempt at a tag. And, really, no one should be dotting an "i" with a circle after they've graduated from the fifth grade.

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