Wednesday, October 11, 2006

public restroom graffiti: grog shop pt 1

Tonight I found the Taj Mahal of public restroom graffiti: the men's room at the Grog Shop on Coventry. Graffiti is encouraged in this men's room, although according to Yakov, the graffiti has been creeping its way out of the restroom and along the walls outside of the bathroom and even onto the management office door which is NOT encouraged. There is so much graffiti (both good and bad) in this restroom that I cannot even begin to critique it all, so rather than spend the next five days writing about all of this material, I'll simply allow you to look at the pictures. Tomorrow, courtesy of Chris at the Grog Shop, we will journey into the women's room as well to take a look at the ladies' version of public restroom graffiti . One thing to note, besides all of the funny stuff people have written among the plethora of tags, SANO did the tag and face in the first photos above. Thanks to Yakov for pointing that out to me, and thanks to Brad for getting me and Stout into the Grog to take the photos.

Even the mirrors are tagged in this place:

And this is my favorite one.
It's posted on the outside of the toilet stall:

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