Sunday, October 15, 2006

evil mad scientist laboratories

Today's site of the day is Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. They design and build all kinds of interesting things, as well as provide technology-oriented "how to" guides. As it says on their site, "We like to design and build stuff, cook and eat stuff, and take pictures of our cats. However, several of our projects, particularly the interactive LED dining table, have inspired people to ask us "are you selling that?" The basic answer is this: No, but we'll accept commissions."

I really like the interactive LED dining table, but then again, if you read my earlier post about LED throwies a few weeks ago, then you're probably starting to figure out that I am amazed by the possibilities of LED art and technology. I hope to acquire some LEDs soon and start applying them to my own creations and projects. They're rather inexpensive and the possibilities appear limitless.

I also highly admire their Lego modifications. The evil mad scientists have posted examples on their site as well as on Flickr. And of course, my favorites are the ones that utilize LEDs into their designs. Here are some of their Halloween-themed creations.


  1. LEGO stuff rulez! LEGO pwns all everything!

    I love seeing what other people do with their LEGO elements.

    This is what I do with mine.


  2. The glowing lego heads are awesome!
    but that table is totally wild -- I'd love to design a bar around tables like that -- maybe a drag queen cabaret?
    you would be the dj, of course, derek, at the dance club adjoining the cabaret!

  3. I saw Junior Vasquez play a 9 hour (3am to Noon!) DJ set at the now defunct Sound Factory in Chelsea around 1992 or 1993 (seems like ages ago at this point), but towards the end of his set he turned down all the disco lights to make the room completely dark and actually had drag queens on stills in elaborte costumes with LED eyes lip synching songs. It was for lack a better word, the FIERCEST thing ever.