Saturday, September 23, 2006

you want fries with that?

Okay, so I lied. Here's a random off-topic post. I feel a little better since I rested last night. Found this today and I thought it was rather amusing:

The Eucharist Wafer Topping Taste Test. Being an ex-altar boy, I must confess that me and the other altar boys used to sneak the unblessed wafers out of church and snack on them. Mmmmmm... yeah, not so tasty; I don't know what we were thinking. What would Sister Mary Martha think?


  1. Those things don't even look like food. They look like buttons.


  2. Sister Mary Martha says you'd be clapping erasers and standing in the corner for the next six months. You'd first be dragged by your ears to explain to Father what you were thinking. And as much as Sister Mary Martha would be concerned that you might be headed straight to hell, the truth is it's only a venial sin.

    Actually, several venial sins: lying, stealing, and causing others to sin, depending on who's bright idea it was.

  3. I can see the stealing thing... but lying?! How so? And really, for all the years of working for free and being on time for all those 6am Masses before school, I can't see taking a couple unblessed wafers that weigh hardly anything as any kind of a sin. What are those things made of... mostly air and maybe a few microns of cardboard or rice? It's not like we were sneaking sips of the wine or anything.

  4. Oh, okay... re: the first sentence. You got me...I told a white lie. Shucks. Clap , clap, clap go the erasers.