Saturday, September 30, 2006


SAFMOD stands for Sub-Atomic Frequency Modulation Overdose. A description of SAFMOD from their site:

SAFMOD is a multi-media performance ensemble that combines music, movement and visual artistry.

SAFMOD was founded in 1991 by dancer Young Park and percussionist Neil Chastain as a collaborative experimental fusion of music and dance. Based in Cleveland since 1993, the multicultural performance ensemble still strives to push the boundries of dance music and visual art.

SAFMOD’s multi-media approach has included the use of digital animation, aerosol art instilations, stilt dancing, modern dance, butoh (japanese style of dance), break dancing, spoken word poetry, juggling, fire dancing, capoeira (afro brazilian martial art), aerial (trapeze, fabric, harness, rope and apparatus work), elabrorate costumes, sculptural instilations and original music (live and pre-recorded).

SAFMOD performs in traditional theater and site-specific settings, street performances, festivals and parades.

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