Wednesday, September 20, 2006

mmm... morgen's movie meme

A new movie meme. Created by Morgen. I've been blog-tagged along with
Lizza, Ian, Brad, and Matt-man to answer the questions.

1. The last movie you saw in a theatre, and current-release movie you still want to see.

A sneak preview of Mission Impossible: 3. I get sneak preview passes every other week in the mail from a friend of my film teacher Cindy Penter at CSU who works for movie promotions.

I'm not sure if it's still in the theaters, but I really wanted to see A Scanner Darkly, the newest digitally-rotoscope-animated film by Richard Linklater.

2. The last movie you rented/purchased for home viewing.

I ordered Munich from Pay Per View. We'll get back to this one in a minute.

3. A movie that made you laugh out loud.

Mean Girls. Tina Fey rules. I cannot fathom SNL this year without her. Why, Tina? Why? I've heard that 30 Rock isn't so good. Ugh.

4. A movie that made you cry.

Munich and Brokeback Mountain are the only ones this year that had my tear ducts going.

5. A movie that was a darling of the critics, but you didn't think lived up to the hype.

I don't normally read critiques before I see a film. I despise Jerry Maguire, though. Was that well received by critics? "Show me the money?" No, show me the exit to the theater.

6. A movie that you thought was better than the critics.

2001: A Space Odyssey (which upon it's original release left the critics disgusted, bored, and clueless). One of the headiest, most original, and ingenius films ever made. And more recently Munich. How did this not win the Best Picture award? My favorite Speilberg film. This is not a movie; This is a film. Completely underrated.

7. Favorite animated movie.

I have two. Waking Life (2001) and Fantastic Planet or in it's original French title, La Planète Sauvage (1973).

8. Favorite Disney Villian.

Walt Disney, Michael Eisner, or whoever made all the stupid rules for Disney employees. I worked at the Disney Store for a week or two in 1992 or 1993. Disney = Nazi. Worst employers ever. You must smile at all times when you work there. You must use Disneyspeak when you are "on stage" (on the selling floor) and especially when "guests" (customers) ask you questions and heaven forbid if you have to ask another "character" (co-workers) for the answer.

9. Favorite movie musical.

Singing in the Rain (1952), any Busby Berkeley film, and Les Parapluies de Cherbourg or The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964). Add Singing in the Rain to another film that made me cry, only these were tears of joy. I was seriously so moved by the beauty of the dancing and songs in that film. I've never cried happy tears before. It was a strange phenomenon to experience. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Unbelievable film. Oh, and I'll have to add Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978). I still have the LP. How can you beat Aerosmith, The Bee-Gees, Steve Martin, Billy Preston, Alice Cooper, and Earth, Wind, and Fire doing Beatles songs?!?! Brilliant casting. I'd love to own this on DVD.

10. Favorite movies of all-time (up to five).

5. Following
(1998) [d. Christopher Nolan]

4. L' Année dernière à Marienbad
(1961) [d. Alain Resnais]

3. The Night of the Hunter
(1955) [d. Charles Laughton]

2. Paths of Glory
(1957) [d. Stanley Kubrick]

1. Cléo de 5 à 7
(1961) [d. Agnes Varda]


  1. Thanks, Derek! I laughed when you wrote "no, show me the exit" about Jerry Maguire. Ha! (I agree!)

    And as for Disney: I had a friend after college who was a manager for the Disney storein our mall. He knew I needed a job, but he told me NOT to apply -- I was overweight, and they DID NOT hire fat people. I haven't been in a Disney store since.

    Thanks for playing morgen's movie meme! Great movies!

  2. I want to see Munich too. You get to see sneak previews? That's so cool!

  3. Ok, your answers were officially 95% more cool and arty than mine were. Oh well. This wasn't a contest, right? Are we being graded, cause if so, I'm going to need to change my answers!

  4. Oh wow! I totally remember seeing Fantastic Planet on a premium movie channel back around 1987 or so. I thought it was creepy and cool then. How is it now?

    Did you ever see Ralph Bakshi's Wizards?


  5. I first saw Fantastic Planet in 1992. And then I rented the VHS from my library
    last year. "Trippy" is the only word to describe it. Still good.

    Yes, I rented Wizards a few years ago on New Year's Eve. I love the oldschool rotoscoping in that film. It's an odd film, for sure.