Wednesday, September 20, 2006

an important psa: stopping email hoaxes

I forgot something for my top ten pet peeves post. I really hate these email forwards and myspace bulletin chain-letter-type things that are completely made up. The crazy thing is people fall for them time and again, so I have a solution. The next time you get one of these annoyances, Google the subject matter or better yet, search on, which is a hoax-debunking site. When you find the real story, copy the link and send it to the person who forwarded the hoax email or myspace bulletin to you and let them kindly know about Snopes and the power of Google. Ask them to verify the authenticity of any email chain letters before the next time they hit send. And then ask them to send the debunked hoax back to the person who sent it to them. Hopefully the people sending these stupid things will be so embarassed and feel so dumb that they'll do the right thing the next time they receive one.

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