Wednesday, September 20, 2006

fi5e ni9e

The blog of the day is an amazing collection of articles and thoughts by a futuristic-minded brilliant graffiti artist from NYC. Who knows what his real name is, but his tag is fi5e (see the picture at top left) and his site is ni9e. His blog is filled with interesting graffiti stuff. I feel I have an extra-special cosmic connection to him, since my birthday is on five nine. The projects he has done are absolutely amazing. Definitely click on the drop down box full of goodies! You will be amazed. I especially enjoy the All City Council project and the Postal Labels Against Bush project. It's graffiti as political message, so if you used to think graffiti was a sign of urban decay, think again. It can be a sign of political decay as well, and a quite poignant, powerful, hilarious, and visible political tool at that! And when your attention span has expired, go visit the Graffiti Research Lab and see how they are taking graffiti to the next level in a similar manner. I'm all about the LED Throwies (and also here) on that site. You can learn how to make your own LED Throwies from pieces-parts that you may have around the house here.

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